Educate a Child

Issue Areas: Access To Education

Location: Doha, Qatar



Educate A Child is a new global initiative launched by Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser of Qatar, which aims to significantly reduce the numbers of children worldwide who are missing out on their right to education.

An estimated 61 million primary school-aged children in the world have no access to education, the vast majority of them live in extreme poverty. They include children affected by conflict and natural disasters, but also those in urban slums or remote rural areas, and groups who can face particular challenges accessing education such as girls, the disabled and minorities.

Inspired by the Millennium Development Goal (MDG2) to see every child have access to a full course of quality primary education, Educate A Child is working with a range of international and national partner organizations to trigger significant breakthroughs in reaching the world's poorest and most marginalized children.




Educate A Child is working with expert and innovative partners, ranging from major international educational, development, and humanitarian organizations to locally-based groups.

We provide technical and financial support (on a matching basis), to maximize reach and impact, local level ownership and long term sustainability.

We are committed to learning and sharing best practices. Our focus is on replicating and scaling-up successful quality programs, promoting innovative approaches and encouraging collaboration, to ensure the best outcomes for children and their communities.

We are currently supporting over 25 projects in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. We will expand this work over the coming years.

Some of our initial efforts include providing schooling for refugee and internally displaced children, encouraging learning for girls, promoting new solutions for nomadic or pastoralist children whose mobile lives can make attending school difficult, and helping children in disaster-prone areas.

While each situation is different, they are joined by a common aim - to find creative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions that can be replicated or adapted on a larger scale to enable millions more children to complete a full course of primary education.

Educate A Child is based on the principle that education is not only a fundamental human right for all children, but also a clear lifeline to those in the most challenging circumstances. It helps them to escape the vicious circle of poverty, and can promote democracy and participation in society.

While driven by her passion for education and the promise of new futures of peace and prosperity that a quality education brings, Educate A Child is also an extension of Her Highness Sheikha Moza's mandate as a UNESCO Special Envoy on Basic and Higher Education, as a United Nations Millennium Development Goal Advocate, and a Steering Committee member of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's Education First initiative. Educate A Child is, at its heart, a commitment to 61 million children to help provide them with opportunities to learn and as such it will also be a contribution to the UN's Education First program.

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