International Institute of St. Louis

Issue Areas: Immigrants, Refugees

Location: St. Louis

The International Institute of St. Louis offers a variety services for 7,000 new Americans from 75 countries each year. We help immigrants and their families become productive Americans and champion ethnic diversity as a cultural and economic strength. With the help of the Institute, many newcomers can achieve independence and make valuable contributions to the St. Louis community. Hundreds of cultural groups also rely on the Institute for bridging services to link newcomers with the mainstream community. Barriers can sometimes arise due to cultural and language disparities, linguistic isolation, generational distinctions, and the impact of acculturation.

International Institute of St. Louis Reviews

Andrew Chappelle posted a review on Dec 8, 2012:

I've worked with them in the past. A great organization that is providing job training and English language classes to immigrants and refugees in the St. Louis area.

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