Qatar Charity


Qatar Charity focuses its work in the strategic fields of humanitarian relief and development family, woman and child; education and culture; income generating projects and investment and waqf (endowment). Educational programmes rank particularly high among the activities of Qatar Charity since acquiring knowledge is most important in Islam and contribute to the aims of supporting relief and development to the poorest.

QC implements the projects directly through its officially registered offices in the countries where they operate, or through its representatives and local partners in the same countries.

Areas of strategic work:

QC works in the fields of social and cultural development and emergency relief. It focuses on the following strategic fields:

Family, women and children, with focus on:

1. Family care, protection and supporting of productive capacities
2. Economic, social and legal empowerment of women
3. Child care, protection and nurture.

Education and culture, with focus on:

1. Basic education
2. Education for all
3. Literacy
4. Community education
5. Training and rehabilitation
6. Youth work.

Income-generating projects

Providing institutional and technical support for beneficiaries and financing of small-scale economic activities.

Relief and emergency response, with focus on the following services:

1. Water and sanitation
2. Sheltering
3. Food and non-food aid
4. Health
5. Education in disaster situations

Our Partners:

In order to maximize benefit and to coordinate efforts, QC works through strategic partnerships with a number of local, regional and international specialized agencies that include:

Qatari governmental and non governmental agencies:

  • Ministry of Social Affairs
  • Supreme Council for the Family
  • Dorra Social Development
  • Qatari Foundation for Woman and Child Protection
  • Qatari Foundation for Combating Trafficking in Persons
  • "Silatak Foundation"
  • National Commission of Human Rights
  • Family Counseling Center
  • Doha International Institute for Studies
  • Qatari Red Crescent
  • Sheikh Eid Charity Foundation
  • Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Al Thani Humanitarian Foundation
  • Jassim bin Jabor bin Mohammed Al Thani Charity Foundation

Regional organizations:

  • Islamic Development Bank
  • Islamic Organization for Education, Science and Culture
  • Organization of the Islamic Conference

United Nations and international organizations:

  • UN High Commissioner for Refugees
  • World Food Programme
  • United Nations Development Programme
  • International Organization for Migration

International non-governmental organizations:

  • Islamic Relief Worldwide
  • Muslim Aid
  • Arab Doctors Union
  • Arab Network for NGOs

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